It has been on my mind to start blogging for some time, but until now, I never found the right moment. Yes I tried before, using other platforms, blogging with others but I always wanted my own (unique) blog, build and designed by myself.

This blog will be a Zend Framework lab (of course using version 2.0, from now on I will just refer as «zf2»), but I will also blog about PHP in general, Doctrine, graph databases (Orientdb and Neo4j), document databases (MangoDb, CouchDb and OrientDb) and much more, like IIS, ActiveDirectory, LDAP etc.

The main goal with this blog is to create a step by step tutorial on “how to code a blog from scratch using zf2”, and as I write something I will implement that on this blog, because right now this page is just a static HTML page.

With time you will have the opportunity to comment on my posts, until that’s fixed u can comment & follow me on twitter (@oxodesign).